Interesting Petrolia Artifacts
On this page will be interesting Petrolia items of any description that have been found anywhere.


This is a 'Woodmen of the World' ribbon to be worn or displayed. It has crossed Canadian flags and has written on the front and back "Elm Camp No.5 Petrolia, Ont." The two badges attatched to the ribbon are framed in brass and have 'Woodmen ' emblems. The ribbon is just over 4" long. It seems to be dated sometime in the early mid ca.1900s.
This is the cash register from the Iroquois Hotel in Petrolia that was at the site of the current Shopper's Drug Mart.

Here is an ashtray with a Petrolia bussiness name 'Maters Drive In Lunch'. I don't know where it was but someone will tell us. Looks like ca.1950s or 60s.

At a recent reception  in Dec 2011 Petrolia Discovery had Jim Maitand display some of his expansive collection of Petrolia items.Click on the teapot for a video of his display.

                                                                                                        editors collection
Interesting little vase with a Victoria Hall decal.Just picked this item up lately.Probably from ca.1930s or so.
I pickedup this group of pucks from Ira Downer several years ago. He had collected them as manager of the Petrolia Squires senior A hockey team that dominated the league right across Canada throughout the late ca.1970s into the early ca.1980s culminating in  impressive Allen Cup trophy wins. Obviously of interest in this collection, are the Petrolia Squire pucks.

Nitroglycerin bottle tray. Bottles of nitro would have been wrapped in cloth and carefully carried in this tray for use in blasting wells. The tray was handed over to me recently by Albert Baines. A very cool item with the name 'J Haney' stenciled on the side.