John Henry Bennett

Attached are pics that were discovered in the last minute of the estate sale of a cousin in Vancouver. She was the grand daughter of John Henry Bennett of Petrolia. My guess the pic of the house/family would have taken about 1888/89. Dont know what street they lived on.  John Henry was an Oil Producer & Reeve in Petrolia 1865, his wife was Mary Jane Barnum. They left Petrolia abt. 1908/09 for Bakersfield, California.  The pic that is attached of John Henry is on that hangs in the Oil Museum. Also attached is Mary Jane Barnum Bennett holding daughter Ida Mae. She was born 1869 & appears to be about a year old. John Henry is in the Commenorative Biographical Record of Lambton County 1909 page 71 & 72. All of their children were born & raised in Petrolia.
The pic of the 2 boys is my great grandfather WilliamSidney & Chester Bennett abt. 1895/96 by Rolson in Petrolia.
The pic of the 6 girls are the daughters of John Henry & Mary Jane. Date unknown, however the youngest girl is Ethel Helen & she apprears to be about 7 or 8 yrs.old.
L - R
Edith Mabel,Ida Mae,Eleanor Louise,Mary Melissa,Bertha & Ethel Helen.
Ethel Helen & my great grandfather William Sidney were twins & born April 1885, their pic is attached. John Henrys brothers Alexander, Frederick Chas.,George Noel, & James resided in Petrolia. Their children were born there as well.









Charlie Bennet, with his 2 hunting partners, the white ferret and the black dog. The ferret is sent into the rabbit hole to chase out the rabbit where the rabbit is then shot. The ferret is collected and the dog picks up the rabbit and hands it to the boss. As you can see this is an effective strategy. This picture hung for years in the 'Dales Drug Store’ in Petrolia.
          Charlie lived with his brother Davie (2 bachelors) in the east end. This pic is probably ca. 1920-30s. Today this pic seems quite different & quaint but was probably very common in the day.







All of these great pics & text on this page were submitted by someone that visited
the Petrolia Heritage website.