Blanche House
formerly know as'The Blue House'

This is a magnificent example of Municipal Government working with Heritage in an intelligent way. This home was destined for demolition as its space was to become a parking lot for the CEEH {Petrolia Hospital }. However Petrolia Heritage and our responsible Town Council stepped in and the scenes here unfolded. The Blanche House is shown being moved to its new location at Discovery, Petrolias Oil Heritage Museum.It will rest there and continue its history as a heritage display and museum offices. As you can see the moving of Blanche House was an event. In the first pic it is seen moving down Main st. and in the second pic passing SunnySide Mansion. In the last pic it sits waiting for ongoing renovations at Discovery.The history is a bit sketchy on this home but as we write it is under research and the rest of the story will follow soon.


These pics were taken by Roy on the day that Blanchehouse was moved to Discovery. As you can see it was a moving event

Below I took numerous pics as we gearup to make Blanche a useable space for Discovery. I will update this info as it comes in.


The front room before and after

The front foyer before and after

Ken Melton volunteering his valuable time and the diningroom {original} chandelier refurbished. 

The frontroom chandelier and a closeup of the refurbished original chandelier.

Blanchehouse scraped and ready for paint and the antique Dickens style desk.

A group pic from ca1958 at Blancehouse. At that time it was the Barnes residence.
Front row-Nancy Brekenridge, Beth Tait,Joy Barnes, Nancy McGregor
Middle row-Madeline Hayes, Sylvia Fairbank, Barb Howlett
Back row-Doug Taylor, Alex Dalzel, Jim Horne ,Bill Jamieson Bill Januesis,  Larry Finlayson
A sweet 16 birthday party for Joy.......
Notice the old record player on the left.




The moving pics were shot by Roy and the shot on site at Discovery was on a cloudy day with my Fuji 2600.
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