Bothwell Ontario


Bothwell is a small town South East of Petrolia. They had an Oil Boom of their own ca.1860s.
Also JH Fairbank had interests there. Bothwell also has an Oil Museum  that is of extreme interest to historians of the Canadian oil history.
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Downtown Bothwell ca.1908 during their Old Boy's Reunion. This pic has been left very large so that you can see the detail.

Early ca.1900s Bothwell downtown street scene.

WW1 Bothwell soldiers

Lou Chong Laundry and Calloways
Also the paper bag says 'Bothwell Express', a cool point in this pic is the street side carriage step to the right.





Not the greatest quality but a very interesting pic
Borgess apple packers Euphemia near Bothwell Ontario


H. Robertson family Bothwell Ontario ca.1900 or so.


                                                                                                                       editor's collection
More Bothwell downtown. Rough shape but still a nice historic view.



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