My Hockey and Baseball cards
These are the highlights of my card collection. Definitely not for everyone but certainly a part of history. These cards were collected by a small boy growing up in Petrolia and is a reflection of the time and culture of small town Southern Ontario in the 50s & 60s.
Keep scrolling down for more and more. I will keep adding as I have time. (future additions 58 CFL set, 58 Ted Williams set, every
Guy Lafleur card, and much more) People constantly ask if the cards are for sale and I always say no. People always ask aren't you worried that someone will steal the cards and I say no as they are not here. They are at a good friend's place in his wine cellar. Not a true cellar but a climate controlled room. Even though we have a great security system, no the cards are not here. Also I don't want to sell any.

                                                                  editor's collection
As mentioned above I did buy hockey cards in the 60s. Some have asked if I still have some of them. The answer is yes.Maybe not for everyone but here are some of my cards as requested. Above is my 1963 Parkhurst set that was lots of fun to get and open, and of course the gum was great.

                                                                      editor's collection
This is my 1962 Parkhurst set. Not as cool as the 63s but still full of memories.

                                                           editor's collection
A set that I have accumulated most of, in later years is the amazing 1951 Parkhurst set with the Howe and many other rookies.

                                                                     editor's collection
The 1951 Parkhurst came wrapped in a little box made from the uncut sheet of cards.

                                                                        editor's collection
  Almost my favorite set is the 1952 Parkhurst set . I really like the goalies from this set that I have isolated for you below.

                                                            editor's collection
My favorite card of all, the 1954 Parkhurst Terry Sawchuck



More goalies from the later years.They are cool . It doesn't seem that long ago to me that they wore this style of mask. I have most of the sets through the 70s and 80s and these are the best goalie cards showing the masks.

This is an interesting collage of Howe cards. I hope you enjoy this

These are all my Guy Lafleur cards. I think this is all of them but if there are any more (early years) please send me a note.


The 57/58 Topps set with the Bobby Hull rookie.

A better look at the 54/55 action series.This is an amazing addition to the 54/55 Parkhurst set.

For your convenience here is the Action cards backs for the names and commentary of each card. Notice #99 card, considered the Plante Rookie as it is the first time he appears on a card.

This is the complete 54-5 Parkhurst set. All be it in VG condition, still shows well and features the complete action series that is absolutely beautiful!

This is my complete ca.1966 Bobby Orr rookie card set. Sorry the check lists are marked.

This is the Baseball section. I have included my Mantles and Maris cards and some other big hitters.

The 59 Mantle. I had most of this set but traded most of them for hockey cards years ago. Glad I kept the Mantle and Maris though.

The 53 Bowman Mantle, with Yogi Berra, Max Bauer and a very young Mantle.

The 67 Mickey Mantle, 58 Roger Maris rookie, 49 Satchell Page, 60 Mantle, 61Roger  Maris, Norm Cash, Mantle, Al Kaline, 62 Tom Tresh, Mantle, Bobby Richardson, 52 Mantle Rookie, 58 Al Kaline, 60 Mantle,

The 62 Willie Mays, 62 Roger Maris & Orlando Cepeda, 62 Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays, 63 Mantle, 59 Roger Maris, 63 Roger Maris

A very cool card showing the arc of the famous Mantle home run that was launched right out of Griffith Stadium Washington April 17th 1953. Also the 58 Rocky Colavito another big hitter that played a few seasons with the Tigers.

These are the 1958 Ted Williams set by Fleer. Kind of goofy but shows the history and growing up of Ted. Made for big Ted fans.Here it is.

These are my CFL cards. Most are late ca.1950s. Not as important as my hockey and baseball but still cool. Please enjoy them.

These are the late ca.1950s Western TV Show cards. I remember most of these shows in reruns during the 60s. Especially liked Yancy Derringer.