This section is included because it shows the wealth and opulence illistrated in the architecture of the towns churches. If you have a historic or vintage pic of your church or an old town church that is gone now from the ca.1800s, send it to me and I will post it here.

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Gas & Electric sconce      Gas & Electric Chandelier
A nice picture showing the United Church, as it appeared just after being built circa 1899. Even today this building retains its rare and lovely gas & electric chandelier and sconces in the sanctuary. The turret on the west side fell off during a War Bonds parade during WW2.  The rumbing of the tanks caused it to fall.

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Click on this pic to go to the ca.1973 United Church Directory
ALSO CLICK HERE for United Church 100th Anniversary book

                                                                                                         Lambton Room
This is a group on the front steps of the United Church, then Methodist church. It looks to be as early as possible when the church was completed,probably ca.1899. Maybe the first Sunday School classes? I left the link huge so you can see each person and read the names. The names are a little confusing but try anyways.
First Baptist Church, Greenfield St.
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A little Baptist History etc.

Here is the Presbyterian Church with a caption "Shooting a Well" This church was dedicated in ca.1890. This is actually the testing of the new water system and not oil.

This picture shows all 5 Churches at the turn of the century.

Original English Church
(ca. 1904)
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Christ Church (ca. 1904)

This picture shows a church down in the flats where no buildings exist today.  This area anually floods every spring and is probably why these buildings never lasted. Notice the Fairbank and Gillespie Mansions on the hill

St. Phillips Roman Catholic Church (right)
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All of these pics and more are from my own collection and from our contributors. If you would like to become a contributor, I just need a few minutes to scan what you have.
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