Petrolia Newspaper Clippings
 From the Petrolia archives folder are these clippings. They were donated by Gail Moore collected by her mother Mrs Alex Dalziel. I have scanned the highlights of this collection here for your enjoyment. Please remember that these pics are from the newspaper and in most cases the resolution is as good as it gets. I have left the links as large as possible because when you enlarge a newspaper picture it loses it's quality rapidly. I have hundreds of folks asking for copies or better quality pics all the time and in the case of the pics on this page this is as good as it gets.











This guy has nothing to do with Petrolia but his big dek in his big office kills me.

This ad is a  note of congratulations from a bussiness outside of Petrolia. I have included it because this big Guy's big desk and big office kill me.


This clip was sent in by Wendy Hamon Johnston
Hi Martin:  I was speaking with my sister this morning and telling her about your website.  She was 12 years old when we left Petrolia and had attended the Maude Street school from grade 1 to half way through 6.  She has a picture of the class in front of the school and I see you have probably similar picture posted.  Anyway, she said she will go through any pictures that she may have and will be happy to send them your way.  They will be away for a couple of months but I will keep on top of it for you.
 Anyway, she says we lived across the street from the Linda Vista Inn which was owned by the Hartwell's.  They had three daughters: Gabrielle, Michelle, and my little friend Stephanie (I named my first child Stephanie because from my age of 3 I liked the name) and a son, name we can't remember.  Mr. Hartwell apparently was an artist who painted Victorian style historical paintings, and my sister remembers many of his paintings hanging in the Inn.
 One of my sister's friends, Peggy Carter (whom I was trying to locate for my sister) apparently lived in the nursing home behind the Linda Vista Inn.  The nursing home was run by Peggy's sister  a  nurse (last name Thompson).
 I seem to remember a funeral home a few doors down from where we lived on the corner.  My sister says she took tap dancing lessons in the funeral home and was always scared to go there.
 The house that we lived in was owned by Orma and Ken Ferg and they lived downstairs and we lived upstairs.  My dad also ran a small radio repair shop from up there.
 I do remember that we used to go and play in what was the ice house.  My memories very vague as I was only 4 at most, but my sister says they used to go and jump from the rafters into the straw below.
 Such fun having the memory jogged by your website.  As a child you never appreciate or even care about the history of your surroundings and often by the time we get interested there is nobody left to ask.
 Will get the newspaper off this week, unfortunately there is no picture of me but I was a perfect post war candidate as I had curly hair and chubby cheeks, the 'Gerber' baby.  My mother always said that she was sorry she had entered me as she felt bad for the other mothers who thought there own babies were the most beautiful.