Petrolia Newspaper Clippings
Here are yet more clippings. I do have a pile of vintage Petrolia papers that when I have time , This group I simply snapped with my iphone 6. Some of these papers are quite brittle and delicate so I don't really like doing it. Keep watching because new clips do pop up from time to time. These paper clips range from  ca.1925/1927/1955.

Petrolia Creamery

                                                     Chief Jackson                        

Sam G. Jackson
Harry Lucas & Robert Rae




Jos. Hackett



Milton McVicar


G. V. Wyant

J. E. Armstrong
W. S. Haney    





T. E. Bassett
R. A. Germain

Neil McDougall 

S. C. Swift
A. C. Darling ad
W. H. Dowling
W. A. Brock
Jonah Webster
A. A. Dewar

W. B. Fansher

Draper Manufacturing
W. W. McRae
E. Preston
W. S. Lawrence
W. J. Koehler

Dr. H. D. McColl

James Hunter

Petrolia Lawn Bowling

P. McKichan

C. Umphrey

J. W. Patterson

Patterson's Clothing

William Clarke

John Clubb

G. M. Cary

S. Shannon    R. Hunter

R. Mackenzie

E. Shaunessy

W. Thompson

Jas McCutcheon

E. Shaunessy

E. Chambers

John Walker

A. Ellis

W. G. Fraser

Dr. J. Dunfield

A. Scarsbrook

W. R. McDonald

R. S. Jackson

K. C. Kerr

Wallace Reid

Charles Ferns

J. A. Taylor

Isaiah Lakins

George Stone

D. M. Steadman

J. R. Steadman

R. T. Polley     T. J. Rainsberry

Thos. Draper      J. F. Draper

F. Gilroy

George Hay

Stonehouse Bros.