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If you are looking for help in finding information on your ancestors from Petrolia and you don't find what you want on this website then please use the contacts below. I get hundreds of requests for info on your ancestors and if you don't see it  on this website I don't have it
Recently there have been a few folks that have got upset at me because I can't help and the fact is that I do not have some big archive here in my house or anywhere. I don't do research for people. This website is here for me to display my gigantic collection of pictures. I don't do this for a living, it is a service that I provide out of the goodness of my heart. If you happen to find something of use here during your search then great!, I am thrilled. However getting rude and goofy because I don't do research or run around finding stuff for people is not the answer. Please take what you like and enjoy what you find. I am not the answer for your genealogical search. I have heard from hundreds in the last several years about their searches and the one thing that I hear constantly is that it takes tons of work and thousands of hours. I like hearing how you make out in your search.
           I like hearing that you have found something here.
           I like it when you send me your pics
           My website has all that I have (what you see is what you get)
Hopefully this will help those folks who are looking for their roots from the Petrolia area. There are lots of web sites devoted to this subject .
Some folks have good luck contacting or going to the Wyoming library 519-845-0181 or at The Lambton Room where vintage Petrolia  & Sarnia  newspaper micro film is kept and other info. Good luck on your search.

Ontario Genealogical Society  check out these folks

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