O'dell Family

This is of the O'dell family ... I suspect a "reunion" which is of all
the O'Dell's and their children in front of what I suspect is George
O'Dell & Susan (Webb) "new brick" home which he built in front of the
old log home. This according to my father is where Windover Nurseries is
today and the brick home is still out in front of Windovers. Based on
the ages of the children (my grandmother) this picture would be around
1895 'ish
all text by Bob McLaughlin

This picture is taken at the same time as the previous one but just
shows George & Susan (Webb) with there children (notes on the picture
are by my grandmother - Daisy O'Dell)

   So William O'Dell (son of George & Susan (Webb) married Emma Hyde
daughter of Robert Hyde & Elizabeth Anne Guest (a prominent family in
the London area). Robert was a shop owner in Petrolia who went bankrupt
for giving credit to those who were unable to afford to pay him. He
didn't refuse those in need (again according to Dad).
    This house was located across the laneway from the O'Dell home
(there is a large drive shed over it now) and when William Died of a
heart attack at the age of  37 Emma moved the children across the lane
and moved in with the Hydes and they were all raised together

These pictures are of William O'Dells house (my grandmothers
father). This house was located just west of McGregors on Petrolia Line
on the south side and was just torn down last winter. Some of the fruit
trees out front were planted by the William (according to Dad)

             An article from the Petrolia paper of the accident which killed William Booth (who was married to Jane O'Dell) I had to cut the column into 3 section so it was readable so they should be read in order. I am also including Williams stone which sits beside the O'Dell family stone in Hillsdale. William lived on the Blind Line, and must have been out to the East end as story has it that he made his own Nitro in the back shed on his property and cooled in the creek !




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