The Oil Museum of Canada
Chronicles of Oil Springs
A walk on Main Street
 Performed by Petrolia Community Theatre. On a beautiful June afternoon John Phair,
Shirley Durance, and your editor went on a tour through Downtown Oil Springs. The Petrolia Community Theatre performed short skits on the Main Street highlighting events during Oil Springs history to celebrate their 150 years as a village. This was a very pleasant performance and everyone enjoyed it immensely. For those that could not join us here is a virtual tour for your convenience.



This is a scene on the front porch of Undertaker/Pharmacist Dr.MacKlem,Annie McFadden and Elizabeth Adamson.The players are Brian Mumberson,Charlene Mumberson and Bonnie Harris.
This a a full frontal of this great looking house to highlight the great trim work. I have left the resolution high to see the detail.


This is a scene with an Oil Man and a Local Woman. The players are Jimmy Plunkett and Carol Graham.


This scene is entitled the Chronicle Newspaper. In this scene a dialog between a Wife and Husband is played by Dina McPhee and Warren Graham.


Here we see Betty Lou Snetselaar and Gord Perry reading letters home from men over seas during WW2. These Oil Springs Boys were missing home.

Something most of us don't even think about anymore but these are the actual tobacco packages used during the ca.1940s.

Oil Springs Boys that went to war.

Here we see the MacGregor Boys having a chat, played by Joey Hawkins and Geoffrey Hawkins.

In this scene a 'Local Woman' describes an armed bank robbery at the TD bank. Barbara Prescott plays her.

In this scene a Visitor and a Local Woman talk about an auction at an Oil Springs Hardware Store. The players are Maddy Hayes and Sylvia Fairbank.

The Travelling Medicine Man is played by Steve Jackson, Mrs Harry Germain played by Dana Andrade, Curious Spectator played by  Chrissy Jackson,Clara the Clairvoyant played by Chloe Pavic, Nurse Annie Lively played by Elise Chambers, and Spectator played by Trisdan Jackson

A bonus pic shows the Oil Springs War Memorial. A very nice statue for such a small Village. The Medicine Man scene was right beside the Memorial.

Downtown Oil Springs looking west.

Downtown Oil Springs looking east.


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