The Stained Glass Art of Christopher Wallis

Heritage in Oil & Heritage in Faith

By Patricia McGee

If Petrolia's history is a fine painting Pat's latest book 'Wonders of Light' is yet another brush stroke on a beautiful work of art. Christ Anglican Church is one of  many important pivotal points in our great history in oil and our heritage. The wonderful windows are magnificently photographed and reproduced effectively on glossy pages. Pat has created another 'must have' book for connoisseurs of Petrolia's history and its characters. editor

After June 21, Wonders of Light will be on sale at:
- In Grand Bend - The Heritage Museum
- In Oil Springs - The Oil Museum of Canada
- In Petrolia at:
        - Specialty Rubber Stamp
        - The Bookstore
        - Rebecca's Place
- In Sarnia - The Bookkeeper

Pat McGee speech at the Book Launch

Original Book Launch Poster