I do get questions. Questions will be posted as I get them. Here are some usual questions and answers that I hope will help.


Commonly asked Petrolia questions that I field on a regular basis. They are presented here as asked. Obviously at the time I answer the person or persons but there are probably others with the same query.


Why are there so many vacant buildings uptown

 These buildings are privately owned and have nothing to do with the Town.

Vacancy issues are a concern but the reason has mostly to do with the cost of rent.

What is up with the big mansion on the hill called the Fairbank Mansion. Isn’t Heritage or the Town involved with it? Why isn’t the Mansion designated?

·         The mansion is owned privately by a family who intend to restore the home at some point. It is theirs and has nothing to do with the Town or Heritage. All attempts to establish some sort of relationship with the family and Heritage or the Town have always been unsuccessful.

Why are some Downtown buildings in such rough condition? What can be done to get these buildings in a better state of repair?

·         There are some buildings in Petrolia’s Downtown that do require some repair and maintenance. In some cases owners are local and in others they are out of town. In all cases these are privately owned buildings and unless a hazard to citizens or environment there is little to be done. For about 16 years Petrolia has had a Façade Grant Program that many Downtown owners have participated in. However to garner this grant one has to come forward with the initial capital and desire to actually do the work. In the last few years we have had little participation in this program so that part of the budget was cut and sadly a few applications for the Façade Grant Program were not successful. However solutions to this problem are currently being looked at.

What is the Designated Property Tax Relief Program?

If a Designated property owner applies for the Tax Incentive they will receive a 10% property tax grant. Most Designated Property owners enjoy this program and a printable form resides on this website.

Who is on the Heritage Committee?

I will refer this item to the Town Of Petrolia website 'Committees Page'

Why is the Town so stiff on signs in the Downtown?

It only takes a short search on the internet of other Ontario towns and cities and you will see that Petrolia did not invent the sign bylaw. Especially towns that promote a vital tourist agenda. Actually Petrolia's sign bylaws are quite tame by other town's standards. Don't take my word for it look it up.











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