The Petrolia Standpipe

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         A close-up view of the iron cresting atop the Petrolia Standpipe

                  The Petrolia  Standpipe has stood proudly dominating the Petrolia skyline for over 112 years.  This Standpipe stands as a monument to one of the major engineering feats of the Canadian  Victorian era.
                   As important as our architectural artifacts are, so are our Industrial artifacts. As shocking as it may seem to rip this Standpipe down, also is our lack of initiative to protect her until now. It is with a sence of relief and pride that this Standpipe has and will be preserved. We are not only preserving a Standpipe but what the Standpipe represents. It represents the hard work of Petrolians and a municipal government that wanted to stop and halt the disease and sickness reaped by drinking the resident ground water.
Also this preservation effort reflects a continuing quest by our past and current Town Councils to protect and illuminate our rich history in oil and Victorian technology.

Further to above see (#5 North West Neighborhood)   'Heritage Conservation District Feasibility  Study For The Town Of Petrolia, Lambton County'

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Here is our Standpipe moments after completion ca.1896

Our Standpipe ca.2005  
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Heritage Committee installed this sign in front of the Standpipe explaining the history of Petrolia's water system a significant Victorian engineering achievement.

                                                                                    Laurissa Ellsworth
On July 18/2015 Mayor John McCharles, Robert Tremain - Manager of Cultural Services for Lambton County, Martin Dillon - Chair of the Petrolia Heritage Committee, Stuart Winchester of CIMA+, and Warden Bev MacDougall celebrate the sign at the standpipe water tower. We had a dedication and speeches at the foot of the Standpipe. After we toasted to the dedication of all those who not only made the Petrolia Water System possible but also to all those that made our sign possible. We toasted with Petrolia water.

A view of the Petrolia skyline with the Standpipe left center


Petrolia skyline ca.1946, can you find it?

Yet another later view with our Standpipe left

Men hand digging the trench for the Great Petrolia water system to Brights Grove

Fittings and pipe arriving by train in Petrolia to start the work on the Great Petrolia water system

The foundation is laid for the Petrolia Standpipe

Somewhere between Petrolia and Brights Grove the digging continues.

Here is your editor in front of the Petrolia Standpipe.This pic is courtesy of the Petrolia Topic and click the link below to see the rest of the story.

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