Victoria Hall, the Fire

On January 25 ca.1989 there was a fire that gutted our beloved Victoria Hall. It doesn't matter how it started but more importantly how it ended and it's recovery. This magnificent building was resurrected and there are so many that owe so few so much in its recovery. These efforts will never be forgotten . As we enter into the 20th anniversary (Sept 26/2012) of the rebuilding we are thankful for this great building and the spirit that brought it back to the center of activity in historic Petrolia.Below are numerous pics by various photographers.
On the day of the fire I was at work at Dow Chemical . The phone rang as we were about to start work and it was for Tony Isber then Petrolia Councilor. He took the call and then looked at me and said "I have to go the Hall is on fire". Little did I know then what was about to transpire. I left about an hour later and stood with the crowd and watched in horror.
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This is Victoria Hall the day after the fire.


And here she is a few years after the fire!
WARNING!!!!some have found the fire pics quite disturbing, think about it before you scroll down

This group is obviously the interior today.


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